Experience is the most powerful source of knowledge. Experience is not something that is learned in a book or that comes with a college degree, but is gained through being in the industry day in and day out.  Much experience was gained for many real estate agents though the height of the market in years like 2003 and even more experience was gained in challenging years like 2008, when the market crashed.  Kristen and Erin have enjoyed some of the best times and weathered the storms of the worst times over the last 15 years of their real estate careers. They are the exceptional agents they are today because of their experiences and ability to never quit, even in times of challenge and controversy.   These experiences, coupled with others, gave Kristen the confidence and ability to form Hilbers Legacy Properties, partnering with Hilbers New Homes Communities.  Along with this newfound opportunity came the need to select someone to manage it.  Who came to her mind first? Yes of course, it was her twin sister, Erin.  It was a win win for both!  She hired who she trusted and who she has unparalleled confidence in.  After 14 years of working their real estate careers separately, they now are excited for the opportunity to partner and grow Hilbers Legacy Properties Inc. together.

Mission Statement

About Us

Hilbers Legacy Properties believes EVERY customer is deserving of the highest level of knowledge, integrity and customer service.  Our pledge to you is to provide the most professional, informative and dedicated service in our industry. The best interests of our clients is paramount and will always come first. 

We place our customers concerns ahead of our own and will always return your calls, txts and emails in a timely manner in each and every transaction and will remain committed to the development of long term client relationships.

Finally, our team approach is to ensure high levels of honesty & integrity and working hard so that our clients goals are met. Hilbers Legacy is a Home Grown company, with Home Grown agents, so our commitment comes from a place of loving and representing our community.

About Us